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Monday, May 02, 2005

Kam hain - A ghazal by Yamini Das

aa bhii jaao kii zindagii kam hai
tum nahii.n ho to har Khushii kam hai

OK this is a seedha saada kind sher...but look how wonderfully the shaayar conveys a regular run of the mill feeling...aa bhi jaao ki zindagi kam hai conveys so much in like 6 words...aa bhi jaao ki zindagi kam much meaning...the external meaning of course that life is short and the hidden meaning of it is nothing without you so you better hurry back! Who can resist that! nai?

vaadaa kar ke ye kaun aayaa nahii.n
shahar me.n aaj raushanii kam hai

raushanii = light;

Now this is a sher that kicks ass as ssm would say! I always marvel at how shaayar's manage to take the simplest of things and bind them together so well and create magic. Look at this one. 2 simple things a promise not kept and darkness...mix them up and what do you..sheer poetry! Again so many things conveyed in such simple lines. This sher seems like a complete ghazal in itself to me!

jaane kyaa ho gayaa hai mausam ko
dhuup ziyaadaa hai chaa.Ndanii kam hai

Well this sher does not quite appeal to me as do the others maybe coz living in Chicago one tends to pine for some dhoop! Kidding aside, I thought the shaayar could have conveyed so much more than what he does with the second stanza. Maybe something that would have said chaandni mein bhi dhoop ki tezi hain or something to that effect. My 2 cents!

aa_iinaa dekh kar Khayaal aayaa
aaj kal un kii dostii kam hai

Another one of those amazing sher's that could be a ghazal in itself. Again so many scenarios conveyed in like 10 words! Bhai wah!

tere dam se hii mai.n mukammal huu.N
bin tere terii 'Yamini' kam hai

mukammal = complete.

Yamini Das ends the ghazal superbly keeping in sync with the entire ghazal. Here the takallus is so well done. Teri yamini kum hain! ah!

A sher from me in the same vein -
hamara khayaal thak usko aaya nahin,
aaj kal mohabbat mein asar kam hain!


Blogger Sumita said...

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12:51 PM  
Blogger Sumita said...

Bas lafzon mein kah do ki tum mere ho
Pyaar to nahin sahi, mera khayal bhi kam hai...

12:54 PM  
Blogger SeaSwallowMe said...

oh wow, a mention (however tangential !!) in a ghazal blog. thought i'd never live to see the day. :-P

2:16 PM  
Blogger bilbo said...

ehsaas ankhon se bayan hai , hoton se nahin.
ikraar lehze se bayan hai , lafzon se nahin.
tere aansoon se bheegi hai awaaz meri,
kya kahun ki haya zyada hai , pyaar kam nahin.

my two bit :)

7:10 PM  
Blogger buckwaasur said...

er..umm..."pls insert urdu-poetry-challenged-blank-stare-at-screen-here"...:-))

although it sounds melodious to read it out loud, as with most urdu poetry...:-)

7:05 AM  
Blogger Fizo said...

buck!! you mean you could not get this simple urdu! [moving buck down 15 points in the list! :-P]

7:49 AM  
Blogger buckwaasur said...

lol fizz...downgrade noted...yeah it looks simple enough, but i have this feeling each word may have several layers of meaning (as i heard is common in urdu) and i may not be appreciating it fully...:-))

8:41 AM  
Blogger Fizo said...

why are you always looking for double meanings yaar :-P

hmm agree with you though..for me there always seems to be different kind of subtle meanings going in the same line...

btw guess whoz gaining? :-P

8:44 AM  
Blogger El enigma said...

nice ghazal, fizo....and ya,'s pretty simple....u really didn't get it?? :p:p kidding!

loved the yamini reference...

tere dam se hii mai.n mukammal huu.N
bin tere terii 'Yamini' kam hai

btw, do u know what does yamini means 'per se'??


11:30 AM  

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