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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Kisko kya samjhoon? - A ghazal by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi

kisko qatil main kahoon kisko masiha samjhoon
sab yahan dost hi baithe hain kise kya samjhoon

[translation for the urdu-challeneged amongst us:
Whom should I condiser to be the killer here, whom the savior
all of the people sitting here are friends, what should I consider them]

Subtlety is one thing that attracts me to a sher. There is something called a naazuk sher...where the a profound thing is conveyed in something of a whisper! This sher clearly belongs to that category. How wonderfully the shaayar conveys the lessons in his life in about 2 lines. That everyone might seem like a friend but you can never be sure of their intentions. Another thing about urdu shers is that they seem to convey a number of meanings in 2 lines. And every way that you look at it, it still is amazing!

woh bhi kya din the ke har waham yaqeen hota tha
ab haqeeqat nazar aaye to use kya samjhoon

I absolutely *love* the first sher in this stanza. Har waham yaqeen hotha tha! Waham can have so many meanings. Generally it is used to tell someone it is your imagination. It is not really so. It is also used for a doubt. Look at the beauty of this sher that any way you look at it, it is equally enthralling though subtly different.

oh! what days were those when every doubt would turn into confirmation [and then again it could be when every imagination would turn into reality]
now when I see reality what should I think ot that?

dil jo toota to kai haath dua ko uthe
aise mahoul mein ab kisko paraya samjhoon

I love this sher though it goes against the mood of the entire ghazal. All the other shers in the ghazal are sorta looking at the negativity in the world. Killers amongst friends, not being able to face reality and the same in the last one but this one is an upbeat sher. Sorta like restoring faith in humanity.

When the heart broke, lots of hands were raised in prayer,
in this kind of environment whom should I think as being the outsider!

Somehow this sher makes me think of all me friends :-P

zulm yeh hai ke hai yakta teri beganavi
lutf yeh hai ke main ab tak tujhe apna samjhoon

This is the sher of the ghazal for me. While all the shers are of pretty high standard, this one is way up there.

What is cruel is that your indifference is very rigid,
The pleasure is that I still think of you as my own!

Wah! Kya baat hain. Unconditonal love, loving an indifferent person, feeling pleasure in that love, the wickedness of the person loved, how rigid the indifference is, how it does not matter - how many things just these 2 lines convey. Mind blowing. Ab kuch hamara bhi suniye along the same lines:

mukhtalif andaazon mein milten hain woh humse,
kabhi unhe main apna kabhi paraaya samjhoon

Mukhtalif - different, andaaz- styles


Anonymous Anonymous said...

last sher (on unconditional love) reminds me of Ghalib's gem -

haa'N vo nahi'n Khudaaparast, jaao vo bevafaa sahii
jisako ho din-o-dil aziz, usaki gali me'n jaaye kyu'N

7:08 PM  
Blogger Reshmi said...

mukhtalif andaazon mein milten hain woh humse,
kabhi unhe main apna kabhi paraaya samjhoon

wah wah .... hame yeh sahi laga :-)

9:54 PM  
Blogger Vivek said...

wah! kya baat hai!
subaan allah!!!

aap bhi shaiyar kuch kum nahin
kahiye aapko shaiyar ya shaiyari samjhoon;)

10:22 PM  
Blogger Chay said...

errr. this an expression of the anguish and trauma that was caused due to the constant attack on your fizz by members of the gazette??
*Uff Chay...get serious now!!*

Fizzo....wah wah....wah wah....wah wah...
ssm introduced me to this wah wah pedal, that i am unable to stop pressing when i am in your blog. blame him!!

But this...."woh bhi kya din the ke har waham yaqeen hota tha
ab haqeeqat nazar aaye to use kya samjhoon"
Uff...simple uffffff!!! :-))

11:10 PM  
Blogger buckwaasur said...

wah wah
wah wah


no, seriously, it was really good...thanks for the translations fizz...:-)

8:45 AM  
Blogger Manish said...

Hmmm first time here !
U shared one of my fav Ghazals of Jagjit singh with wonderful explanation

i hope that u will update this blog much more regularly :)

1:57 AM  
Blogger priya said...

@ Manish,,,,,,, i truly agree wid him sir. dis is d 1st tym i read ur blog n i jus cnt log off. ur xplanation keeps me glued 2 dis page pls do rite more translation vry often

9:59 AM  

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