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Monday, October 31, 2005

Aaj phir dil chaahta hain..

tere aankhon mein chupe raaz-o-andaaz dekhne ko dil chaahta hain,
aaj phir sookhe zakhm khuredne ko dil chaahta hain.

tera woh andaaz-e-bayaan, teri woh mehekti saansein,
aaj phir khuda se kuch maangne ko dil chaahta hain.

teri woh naraazgi, teri woh saadgi,
aaj phir tujhe pyaar karne ko dil chaahta hain.

tera woh tadapna, tera woh aansoo bahaana,
aaj phir tujhse bichadne ko dil chaahta hain!

tera woh muskuraana, jeet ja jashn manaana,
aaj phir zindagi se haarne ko dil chaahta hain!

tere woh chehakna, pal pal mujhe rijhaana,
aaj phir tera haathon khatl hone to dil chaahta hain!

teri woh bewafaai, waqt ke haathon rusvaai,
aaj phir us khayaal se ladne ko dil chaahta hain!

tera woh jaana, phir kabhi laut ke na aana,
aaj phir tere galiyon se guzarne ko dil chaahta hain!

teri woh khushboo, tere jism ki woh garmi,
aaj phir teri baahon mein ghul jaane ko dil chaahta hain!

tera woh junoon, tera woh jazba-e-ishq,
aaj phir tujhse mohabbat karne ko dil chaahta hain!

tera woh aasra, har dum lehraata hua woh saaya,
aaj phir tujh pe aitbaar karne ko dil chaahta hain!


Not a lot of hard words, so just explaining a few...
*sukhe zakh khuredna - to scratch at dried out wounds,
andaaz-e-bayaan - style of expression, rijhaana - seducing,
junoon-madness, jazba-e-ishq - emotion of love *


Blogger Reshmi said...

lovely :)

beete lamho ki yaad phir taaza karne ko dil chahta hai ;)

6:27 AM  
Blogger tocsin said...

dil chaahta hain, kuch kahoon, lekin I am not worthy! I am not worthy enough to comment : ))

10:09 AM  
Blogger Fizo said...

[whack tocsin]

11:06 AM  
Blogger Vivek said...

tere yahee nagmein, teri yahi baatein
kitni bhi kaho, suntay rehnay ko dil chahta hai!

6:28 PM  
Blogger Ayesha said...

Zindagi agar khatam ho teri bahon me saakhi tou aaj hi marjaane ko jee chahata ahai ....

11:34 PM  

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